ʻʻYou guys have done an amazing job on developing the Student Growth Module. It is easy to use and navigate!ʼʼ

Mastery Manager’s Student Growth Module is a collaborative tool designed to take the pulse of student learning throughout the year. It allows teachers to quickly and easily establish and keep track of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) by providing continuous monitoring and clear insight into their students’ performance. Teachers have the ability to assign growth targets to individual students based on a pre-test score or by clusters of students falling within a score range. This continuous monitoring allows teachers to tailor instructional decisions and develop growth plans to help students meet targeted goals. The module also helps administrators monitor teacher performance by how they respond to and enhance their instruction to meet growth targets.

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A Great Solution for Teachers and Administrators

  • Designate pre and post tests
  • Assign student growth targets
  • Input teacher rationales and reflections
  • Collaborate with teachers on growth targets
  • Generate teacher proficiency reports based on growth target achievements
  • Easily review teacher evaluations for final approval

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